Cats were never designed to be indoor animals. It wasn’t until domestication that they became so. Luckily the house cat has easily adapted to living indoors. This combined with their general cleanliness, no need for walking and quiet nature has made them the ultimate pet of choice especially for those living in dense urban centers. And as the population of cities grows, so does the popularity of cats. So much so that cats now outpace the dog as the most popular pet in America.

However, no matter many generations of domestication we breed into the household cat, their basic instinct as hunter animals will always be engrained into their nature. This poses a problem for cats, however, as many are now confined to the indoors it goes against their basic nature. Sometimes this can lead to cats acting out in frustration and badly behaving, maybe even leading to depression and increased stress.

Many cat owners with larger homes in the suburbs need to worry about their cats stress a little less, as there is generally a home for the cat to roam, and with probably many doors, and windows the cat does not feel so trapped. However in dense urban cities, and especially apartments, space is definitely a luxury.

In apartments or smaller homes there could sometimes only be a single door access to the home, and often a limited number of windows and space. The windows obviously would be designed for humans and often placed at the human height and out of reach for the household cat. This leaves the cat feeling disconnected from the outside world. Combine this frustration with the cat owners leaving their pets alone for long hours during the workday, it isn’t uncommon for the owners to return home to a grumpy cat and likely some scratched up furniture.

As we see the trend of cat ownership gaining popularity in dense urban cities, we can also track the trend of cat window perches increasing as well. Pet owners feel the need to keep their cats connected with the outside world. Not only does it give their animal a great place to suntan during the day, a place to rest when tired, but also can keep them entertained for hours. Cats can literally spend the whole day people watching, car watching and most importantly tracking potential prey like birds, insects, and squirrels.

The number of cat window perches is every increasing, however, we see a very similar style and design for most options. Pacific Tail Pets, a popular cat blog, reports the 10 Best Window Perches On Amazon, however looking at the designs they just don’t seem the fit the needs of the modern cat owner. It seems this product niche has great potential and is trending for continuous growth. As a potential pet business, it seems it is prime for disruption or at least a design update to modern times.



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