TV Programming for animals has been an often joked about the topic for many years, as even depicted in the famous holiday movie Scrooged. The idea of programming media for pets just seems like an absurd concept. However, it cannot be denied that pets do watch television with their owners at times. Reacting, barking, and pawing at the TV screen as soon as another animal or potential prey shows up on screen.

However, the data online does not lie. In recent years, we can clearly see a huge increase on Youtube of videos made specifically for cats. We can see that especially in the large urban cities, pets spend the majority of time indoors. In especially apartments, many animals have even limited access to windows to view the world outside. This severe lack of stimulation has lead to cases of depression and stress in pets. Pet owners have turned to digital methods now to entertain and stimulate their animals. And the numbers are there to prove it, as a quick search for videos for cats on Youtube turns up not only hundreds of videos but the popular ones have millions of views to match. Even online streaming TV provider has launched a Cats 24/7 channel designed to be all cats all the time.I can be said that content programming for pets has officially arrived.

It’s not only videos either. Digital gaming has also entered the pet market with games designed to entertain cats. These games are usually custom made by larger pet food corporations┬álike Whiska’s as a method of promotions and branding, and well it works. Games like a digital aquarium with fish that swim around just asking for your cat to paw at, and even giving them a score, is becoming more and more common. These apps are keeping pets busy for hours and resulting in smiles on owners faces.


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